About Us
Bob and I moved to Quitman from central Florida in 2001. The farm we bought was an old hog farm with 143 acres. The farm had not been in operation for 7 or 8 years and the overgrowth was as high as the roofs. We brought about 30 brush goats with us, so they had their work cut out for them.

  In 2004 we had a chance to by a herd of registered boer goats and thought it was the deal of a lifetime. Unfortunately the goats were used to having pelletized feed in front of them 24 hrs a day and were dewormed every 30 days wether they needed it or not. We just figured a goat was a goat and they would get used to grazing and thrive like the others. We were in for a big surprise.

  We had a friend who kept telling us to try a KIKO buck to improve the herd. We just would not listen because those red and white goats were soooo pretty. We finally broke down and bought a 100% NZ buck with no papers from Joanne Taylor. What a difference! The KIKO does actually knew they'd had kids.and didn't walk away from them and they had milk for the kids right from the start. As for the newborns, they were up within 15 minutes and were looking for their first meal. 

  Our goal in raising these goats is to have some of the best breeding stock available with the most parasite resistance for the least amount of work. We use the FAMACHA eye chart method and deworm only the ones that need it. We are culling around 20% of the herd a year, getting rid of the ones that need deworming constantly, don't have more than one kid a year, or have bad feet or bad udders..

  We purchased our first registered 100% New Zealand KIKO several years ago, and we are still really looking forward to this falls kidding season. The KIKO Advantage really works! 

  Please take a look at some of our goats and contact us if we can be of any help.


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